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Some shortcuts to various trips I made:

Dogsledding: Herschel Island 2009 / Yukon River 2010 / Svalbard 2011 / Yukon 2012
Herschel (again) 2013 / Sweden 2014 / Finland 2015 / Sweden 2016, Sweden 2017, Sweden 2018, Sweden 2019, Sweden 2020, Sweden 2021 and Sweden 2022.

Far north: North Pole / Northern Greenland (Qaanaaq)

Antarctica: South Pole / Emperor Penguins


Trip to Svalbard / Spitsbergen
Birthday flight with Antonow AN-2
      Trip to Iceland
Eclipse in Zambia
USA 2002
      Australia / New Zealand (2003/2004)

Travels indexed according to various experiences instead of locations.

Something for writing: Elements of Style
Something for reading: Sherlock Holmes
Something for looking: Animation Cels

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