Medical computer science excursion

The Computer Graphics / Computer Vision department at the Technical University in Berlin has always been strongly oriented towards medical visualisations. Computer presentations of medical data (especially back in 1986/1987) were always kind of abstract, so the idea came up to do an excursion and visit some the other sites in Germany that produced the 'source data' and get some experience of what was done 'in the field'.

The excursion included a visit to the pathology department in Hannover, the university clinic in Hamburg, the (at that time) new university clinic in Aachen, and the EMBL and the cancer research center in Heidelberg.

Since some of the work at the university at Berlin involved the display of the ventricular system in the human brain, someone was nice enough to show us what it looks like up close. (Although I'm not sure whether that was really needed, or whether it's just a case of playing "let's show those computer scientists some icky stuff and see if anyone faints". Nobody did.)

Freshly cut brain Close up See what's on the slab Sliced brain
University clinic in Aachen Group picture Relaxing in Heidelberg

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