Sand sculptures

In Summer 2003 there was an exhibition of sand sculptures in Berlin. There isn't much to say about that - there were a number of sculptures and they were made from sand - so here are the pictures without further comments:

sand0451.jpg sand0452.jpg sand0453.jpg sand0454.jpg sand0455.jpg
sand0456.jpg sand0457.jpg sand0458.jpg sand0460.jpg sand0462.jpg
sand0463.jpg sand0464.jpg sand0466.jpg sand0468.jpg sand0470.jpg
sand0471.jpg sand0472.jpg sand0473.jpg sand0474.jpg sand0476.jpg
sand0477.jpg sand0478.jpg sand0479.jpg sand0480.jpg sand0481.jpg
sand0482.jpg sand0484.jpg sand0485.jpg sand0491.jpg sand0492.jpg
sand0493.jpg sand0496.jpg sand0497.jpg

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