Dog drive, July 31st, 1998

Originally I wanted to go dog sleigh riding, but there wasn't enough snow on the glacier for that, so it turned into a dog car ride instead. It is a slighly silly feeling to be in an old Volkswagen beetle (or at least the lower half of one) going down the street at 25 km/h, powered by nine dogs. Fun though. And unlike their counterparts in Greenland (where, according to my guide book, 'to approach them or try to pat adult dogs would be to court disaster' or, according to the local guide, 'if you want to pet one of the dogs, use only a hand you don't need anymore') the dogs here were very friendly and playful (so the guy on the second picture is not just about to get his throat ripped out - the dogs are just playing...)

[Relaxed dog] [Dogs at play] [Dogs at play] [Ready to go] [The famous polar bear sign again] [On the road] [On the road] [On the road] [Dogs struggeling uphill] [Dog relaxing] [Dogs having a break] [Arctic cotton]

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