Tromsø, July 26th, 1998

I had about a day in Tromsø 'Gateway to the Arctic'. The two main attractions are cases of odd architecture, namely the 'Arctic Cathedral', which looks a bit like a concrete tent and 'Polaria', an artic museum, which looks like a set of five concrete slabs that have toppled over.

[Artic Cathedral in Tromsø] [Artic Cathedral in Tromsø] [Artic Cathedral in Tromsø] [Polaria - Artic Museum]

Another attraction (if the weather is good), is the view from Storsteinen towards Tromsø. It's 420 meters high, but you don't have to climb the mountain, since a cable car is going up there.

[Panoramic view of Tromsø] [Looking down on Tromsø, Artic Cathedral in lower right]

In the evening it started to rain a bit, but since that caused the most spectacular rainbow I've seen for years, I didn't mind at all.

[Artic Cathedral with rainbow] [Amundsen Memorial with rainbow]

After that, all that remaind was to wait for the bus to the airport and the flight to Longyearbyen on Svalbard / Spitsbergen.

[Statue near a bus stop in Tromsø]

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