Milan and Lombardy, Italy - April 2006

I had been to Milan some years ago (seven years ago, in 1999) and I mainly remembered that it's a 'one attraction' city. The Duomo is fairly impressive, but all the rest (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, La Scala and the Castello Sforzesco) feels mostly like window dressing. I didn't have much time anyway (just two days of spare time), so I decided to spend just one day in Milan and the other day driving around in the Lombardy.

My 'Milan day' got a bit complicated, since the public transport was on a strike that Friday, so I spend more time walking through a park in northern Milan (close to where my hotel was located) than in the center of the city. Still, I made it to the Duomo, got on the roof and made sure that it looked just the same (give or take the odd scaffolding or so) as it did in 1999.

Marble dove Duomo roof Duomo roof Me on Duomo roof

Next day's trip was more or less at random, but it included watching a couple of motorbikes doing warm up rounds early on Saturday morning on the Monza circuit.

Monza motorbikes

Another short stop was the Mausoleo of the Visconti di Modrone near Brianza. Not that interesting as such, but quite prominently located in the landscape.

Mausoleo of the Visconti di Modrone

Heading further north to a cypress alley next to Santuario di S.Maria della Noce (also near Brianza), complete with lazy cat.

Cypress alley Lazy cat

Onwards to a sightseeing point, looking over Lago Di Lecco, with the town of Lecco to the right.

Lago Lecco Lago Lecco

After that, weather turned somewhat dark...

Bad weather

But at least this resulted in a nice rainbow near Lago Di Pusiano.


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