France, early 80's

My first trip to France took me from Mont St.Michel in the north down to Marseille in the south.

Mont St.Michel Pharmacy sign Pharmacy sign, reverse

The trip included a visit to amphitheater in Arles.

Arles amphitheatre

As a technical site-note: Since Calais was on the way, it was easy to do a short detour to the hovercraft landing site. Back then, there weren't any fences or barriers, so you could walk across the dunes right up to where the hovercrafts came in. I was duly impressed by watching it come in, but it took me about 17 years before I actually got around to using one. See here. [Btw, the boy in the lower left of the picture is not me, just some random spectator. I was quite a bit older than that in 1983.]

Hovercraft in Calais

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