This are just a couple of pictures of offices that I've worked in.

Basically just a study of "the more things change, the more they stay the same".

My office at GMD FOKUS at Hardenbergplatz in the center of Berlin, about 1990.

Office during ARGOSI project

I left GMD FOKUS in 1994 to work for a small start-up company in the area of hospital management and archival systems. The first office was actually just table in the corner of the office of another company.

Office early 1994

The next year we moved to a small two-room office. My working space is the one in the back at the right, next to the window. I liked that location of this office, since it was just a five minute walk from my home.

Office late 1994

Later the company moved a mile further down the road, so we got a reception area, meeting space and more offices.

Office late 1995/1996

After three years I left and returned to GMD FOKUS, this time to an office on the other side of the building with an outlook towards the Breitscheidplatz instead of the Zoo railway station on the Hardenbergplatz side.

Office at old FOKUS site Office at old FOKUS site

The premises in the city center became too expensive than and we had to move on...

Emptied desk for office move Ready to move on

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