Early travels or "Stating the obvious"

Stating the obvious

If you read my comments, you'll find that the writing style changes rather abruptly about halfway through. For the first trips, the texts mostly amount to "I was there...[PICTURE]...then I went to...[PICTURE]; the next stop was at...[PICTURE]...", while later reports are more detailed and contain more personal recollections of the journey.

The reason for this is basically historical. At first, I had a small web page with a short paragraph for the travels I had made and a picture belonging to that trip. (Like the travel overview page without the additonal links.)

In 1997 I started to put more pictures on the web site and it became impractical to put them all on the main page, so I kept the basic "one paragraph" format for the main page and added a link to another page with more images and a longer, more detailed text. (This started (roughly) with the snowmobile / Icehotel trip to Sweden.) Since those text are usually written fairly shortly after the trip, I still can recall what places 'felt' like and what went through my head when I was there, so the texts are more like a travel diary.

Going through the pages in early 2003, I noticed that I had some pictures of the early trips that I wanted to have on my web page. So I added some links to pages about those trips. But since most of the travels have been more than 15 years ago, I am no longer 'close' to those trips, so I've only written 'just the bare facts' texts to them.

Why do I mention that at all? Well, if you go to the page for some reason and start at the top and look at travel report after travel report, you'll start with a lot of boring texts and badly digitized images and may stop reading. So if you're just looking around, it's probably better to start looking at the later trips.

(Side note: The images look that bad because I used to have pictures printed with a matt finish because it was better for handing them around without worrying too much about fingerprints, but are difficult to digitize well.)

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