USA, 1993

While the 1991 trip brought me to the western parts of the US and Canada, the 1993 vacation was a bit of a mirror image of that tour. It started with an extended weekend in Toronto, followed by a week in Philadelphia with a short excursion to Washington, DC. Then it stopped being symmetrical, since SIGGRAPH'93 was in Anaheim, so I made a one week detour to the west coast, before flying back to Toronto for a week, from where I made a short trip down to Niagra Falls. After that I flew over to Halifax for a two week rental car trip through Newfoundland.

US pictures:

Liberty Bell and me Elfreth's ALley, Philadelphia View from Philadelphia Museum of Art Philadelphia skyline
White House, Washington DC Capitol, Washington DC Apollo 11 and Wright Flyer at National Air and Space Museum Spirit of St.Louis at National Air and Space Museum
Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool Lincoln Memorial

Canada pictures:

Toronto skyline from Toronto Island Toronto seen from CN Tower, York hotel at lower right Toronto Island Airport seen from CN Tower Toronto Skydome seen from CN Tower
Niagara Falls from ground level Niagara Falls from helicopter Niagara Falls night illumination Niagara Falls night illumination
Marineland near Niagara Falls Newfoundland secondary street Newfoundland River Newfoundland River
Western Brook Pond, Newfoundland Waterfall at Western Brook Pond, Newfoundland Coastline at St.John's, Newfoundland Signal Hill, St.John's, Newfoundland
Last evening in Newfoundland

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