USA, 1994

After SIGGRAPH'91 in Las Vegas and SIGGRAPH'93 in Anaheim / Los Angeles, I went to SIGGRAPH'94 in Orlando, Florida. Unlike the first two times, neither the flight nor the conference fees were paid for by the company I worked for, so I to cover all the expenses on my own. So instead of making a longer vacation based on extending a business trip, I could just afford staying two weeks in Florida (and a weekend in Washington). The first week was the conference week, so I only had a week of actual vacation.

During this week I did all the obvious tourist things, like going to Disneyworld (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT and Disney-MGM Studios), Seaworld and Universal Studios, Florida. I also drove to Cap Canaveral.

Since going to various standard attractions doesn't result in much of a travelogue, the pictures follow without further ado:

The Tower of Terror attraction was just opened two days earlier Dinosaur Topiary at Disneyworld Castle at Disneyworld EPCOT landmark AT-AT at Disney/MGM Studios
Orca at Seaworld Florida Orca at Seaworld Florida Orca at Seaworld Florida Seal posing at Seaworld Florida
Bird at Seaworld Florida Dolphin high jump Dolphin at Seaworld Florida Dolphin at Seaworld Florida
John F. Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral Saturn V at Cape Canaveral Rocket park at Cape Canaveral Space Shuttle on launch pad
Rocket assembly building at Cape Canaveral Universal Studio entrance

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