ARGOSI project travel

The ARGOSI project the first EC project I was involved in, and it was my introduction to international multi-company cooperation and business travels. (Before that, the only 'non-vacation' travel was on an excursion while I was at the university. Some slightly squishy pictures can be found here.)

This is the first time I got the basic software for the project to work, so I took a "victory picture". The main working machine was a 386/25 PC and a DEC terminal connected to a VAX 8530. Although the hardware has changed a lot, the basic look of my offices has remained surprisingly constant.

My office im 1990

One of the two meetings in Greece was on the island of Crete.

Crete village

Towards the end of the project, we had a demo at the ESPRIT conference in Brussels.

Me demonstrating software Demonstration with software running on various machines Conference entrance

I also had a bit of time to go sightseeing in Brussels, so I went to see the Atomium and the 'Miniature Europe' next to it.

Atomium, autumn day View from Atomium Atomium Miniature Europe

There was also a special hall of French Scientific Research Companies at the Hannover Fair, where we presented the project results at the INRIA booth.

Team at Hannover Fair Preparing the presentation

The final meeting happened to be in Paris in the same month when Euro Disneyland opened, which gave me the opportunity to add a weekend to the trip and visit the theme park.

Rollercoaster and Haunted Mansion Central castle Skull waterfall Hotel at park entrance

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